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    Deanna Carden

    Deanna Carden
    I’ve been involved with Girlguiding since I was 7 and I am currently a leader with both Guides and Rainbows. Poacher 2022 is my third Poacher having attended as a participant and as part of the Technical Services team before. I am looking forward to learning new skills and hearing the stories my Guides have to tell of their Adventure of a Lifetime.

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    Going out with a song and a bang

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Aug 6, 2022 4:22:05 PM
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    A History of Poacher

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Aug 2, 2022 6:40:30 PM

    Poacher jamboree has been running since 1977 and has always taken place at the Lincolnshire Showground. Poacher gets its name from The Lincolnshire Poacher, a famous folk song specific to Lincolnshire. Many will not know the song, but the song's refrain has remained within some people’s memories, ‘O, tis my delight on a shining night in the season of the year.’ The premise of the song is a poacher who lived and died at Welton, a village located about two and a half miles away, to the east of the campsite. The subcamp theme for Poacher 1977 was also based around the song, with animals, you would find in a poacher’s bag.

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    Lionesses Bring it Home

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Aug 1, 2022 7:16:57 PM

    The Arena at Poacher 2022 was a riot of anticipation on Sunday evening as many of the participants and staff gathered to watch the English Lionesses take on Germany in the EUFA finals. 

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    Get Excited About Activities

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Aug 1, 2022 10:48:15 AM

    The target for Poacher is to enable young people to have the adventure of a lifetime. This is achieved by giving Scouts and Guides aged 10-17 the opportunity to take part in activities they typically wouldn’t get to experience. Activities such as the simulator where you can experience the thrill of being in a Formula 1 race car and feel just what the drivers of the sport experience throughout the season.

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    Early Arrivals

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Jul 30, 2022 2:45:00 PM
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    How Poacher Works

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Jul 30, 2022 1:00:00 PM

    Poacher 2022 has a unique queue busting ticket system. When you arrive, you will be given a shiny new lanyard with two tickets per day clipped on, one for the morning activities and one for the afternoon activities. A ticket will guarantee you access to the corresponding activity during the designated slot. There are over 150 activities on offer, such as African Drums, Go Karting, Kayaking and Sailing. If you don’t have a ticket, don’t worry! The system is flexible with the option of queuing to fill up spaces as they become available. If your friend has a ticket for an activity which you would love to try, that’s great, you can swap! Your subcamp HQ also has a Swap Shop open daily where you can trade your tickets and build your Adventure of a Lifetime.

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    Welcoming over 6000 Scouts and Guides

    Poacher is Lincolnshire’s International Scout and Guide Jamboree – back again for the 11th time in 2022 for a week of fun, friendship and adventure.

    Members of the Scout and Guide sections from around the world aged 10-17 inclusive can attend Poacher 2022 as a participant.

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