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    Going out with a song and a bang

    Posted by Deanna Carden on Aug 6, 2022 4:22:05 PM
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    Poacher’s Got Talent Final!

    Posted by Amy Crombleholme on Aug 5, 2022 6:15:00 PM
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    50:50 The best of both worlds

    Posted by Emily Probert on Aug 5, 2022 3:00:00 PM

    This week has been an amazing experience for me and many other 50/50 members. There are around 107 participants in the 50/50 programme. On a typical day, I wake up around 8 am and head towards the Epic Centre. I eat breakfast with my Explorer Unit, the White Dragons Explorer Group. We have travelled from South Wales to come to Poacher 2022.

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    The linchpin for all Staff - Retro Fest

    Posted by Kate Broadbent on Aug 5, 2022 2:23:05 PM

    No one would be here, and Poacher wouldn’t happen, without the 1500 staff that run the event. Many of them have been here for over a week before the event. Nothing can happen without them; everything that you see has been built by the build team; every fence must be placed; all toilets need constant maintenance; all these needs organising.

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    Here's something I made earlier

    Posted by Poacher 2022 on Aug 5, 2022 1:21:28 PM

    The Best of Fest team have been busy visiting all the amazing activities on site all week. Here's their summary of the crafty opportunities that have been on offer at Poacher 2022. 

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    Marvel-ous Wonder Fest

    Posted by Amy Emmott on Aug 5, 2022 11:45:00 AM

    For the first time in Poacher history, there is a subcamp just for 14-17 year old Explorer Scouts, Scouts and Rangers, Wonder Fest! The theme is Marvel, imminently clear from their massive gate into the camp covered in superhero images and spiderwebs. The main tent has bunting, flags, and themed board and video games for the participants to enjoy.

    The spirit of the camp could be seen right from the beginning of the week, as participants and staff put up tents in the rain and still managed to maintain their enthusiasm.
    About 25 different groups make up the subcamp, which consists of mostly Explorer Scouts, coming to join us from all over the world. From far-off places like Canada, Ireland, Austria, and of course more local ones from England and Scotland. Of course, you can’t forget Bagel, the guide dog.

    About 50 of the people on the subcamp are talking part in the 50|50 program, for the older participants who want the participant experience but also want to try out a staff role. This means they will be joining and helping staff teams throughout the week. They are all over the site, from Craft to Media teams. We spoke with Imogen from Mablethorpe Coastal Scouts, who said she was “really looking forward to the experience”.

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    Mosey on down to Wild West Fest

    Posted by Ger Hennessy on Aug 5, 2022 11:00:00 AM
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    Folk-tastic Folk Fest

    Posted by Lily Hambly on Aug 5, 2022 10:28:33 AM

    Folk Fest: a place of “peace and harmony” with the same atmosphere of a village fete. There is a constant comfort of mellow music and the “coming together” of fifty-three Scout, Explorer, and Girlguide groups. Folk fest is home to groups from far and wide including; Scotland, America, and Wales, but of course there are several English groups too. 

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    Best of Fest - Friday, August 5th

    Posted by Jake Dixon on Aug 5, 2022 9:34:15 AM

    Want to find out everything that's happening on site? You'll want to read 'Best of Fest', our on-site newspaper, published every day from Monday - Friday!

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    Only the Bravest in Quest Fest

    Posted by Amy Emmott on Aug 4, 2022 8:00:00 PM


    Dragons, goblins, quests and adventure. If any of these interests you, then head on over to Quest Fest – their mystic charm will enchant you. Going into the camp, it’s not unusual to see a unit chanting and cheering their way back to site.

    Dave, the subcamp leader, said it was “based on the renaissance fairs from America”. The success in this endeavour is evident as you get the medieval and mythical vibe from the moment you step into the subcamp.

    On Monday night, they held a massive fancy dress festival. In their costumes, they paraded around the subcamp, past guest Judges sitting on the thrones. While they were walking by, they gave a backstory to their character. These ranged from Doctor Who to Harry Potter, whilst the Welsh came forward with a spectacular flag-inspired dragon.

    When we spoke to Louisa from Lincoln Guides, she told us that she enjoyed watching the parade but thought that she, “could do better” as she brandished her newly painted shield. On Wednesday evening, the 54 units went head-to-head in a heated quiz to determine which unit has the most powerful and quick minds.

    If you want to drop in, feel free to say hi as there are plenty of on-the-go crafts. You can do these anytime, such as Hama beads, keyrings, shields and paracord woggles. 

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