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    Ger Hennessy

    I'm Ger. If you recognise this as a first name, then the next sentence is not for you. It's pronounced like "Ger(many)", but without the 'many', for I am only one person. I have written goodly, and porfraed at Jamborees in Ireland, Kent, Norfolk, Essex, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Japan. This summer I've been to tree Jamborees. I say "tree" because I am Irish and cannot pronounce "three".

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    Farewell to friends and fun

    Posted by Ger Hennessy on Aug 6, 2022 3:42:43 PM

    With Poacher 2022 having officially ended at Friday’s spectacular Closing Ceremony, Saturday morning brought the time to start loading up and moving back to the real world.

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    Mosey on down to Wild West Fest

    Posted by Ger Hennessy on Aug 5, 2022 11:00:00 AM
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    Welcoming over 6000 Scouts and Guides

    Poacher is Lincolnshire’s International Scout and Guide Jamboree – back again for the 11th time in 2022 for a week of fun, friendship and adventure.

    Members of the Scout and Guide sections from around the world aged 10-17 inclusive can attend Poacher 2022 as a participant.

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