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    Why volunteer as staff at Poacher 2022?

    As for all Guiding and Scouting events they couldn’t take place without volunteers. Without volunteers at Poacher there would be limited activities, no medical team, no admin function and no leaders to bring and support the participants – there wouldn’t be a Poacher as we know it.

    So, why volunteer as staff at Poacher 2022?

    Perhaps you are between units and are still looking to be involved; perhaps you are with a unit but your leadership team is large so you want to do something different and not be part of the camping group; perhaps you want to learn something new or perhaps you want to bring existing skills and utilise them at Poacher. There's lots to reasons to join our staff team!

    So, why did I volunteer?

    When I was approached to about the role of Finance Manager back in 2006, I had limited knowledge of Poacher having only attended one Junior Poacher previously! It was known that my day job is that of an Accountant and the stars had aligned for me to be seen as an ideal candidate. Why did I say yes? My one day experience at Junior Poacher had stuck with me, the size of the event, the enjoyment everyone was having and the feeling of everyone pulling together for a common purpose. I relished the opportunity to use my day to day skills in a different environment and to be part of something amazing.

    I completed the role of Finance Manager for three Poachers (2008, 2013 and 2017) and loved every minute. Yes - it was stressful at times, yes - it was time consuming, yes - it was tiring, but those three terms have given me so many memories and I have learnt about myself and my capabilities. I can work in confined spaces and with limited resources, I don’t need hair straighteners, I can remain calm in a crisis and I enjoy most working as a team. I have had the opportunity to witness the incredible enjoyment on the faces of those that have taken part in Poacher and feel immensely proud that I have been part of something so fantastic.

    With my experience of the past three Poachers, it was a huge privilege to say ‘yes’ again and volunteer as Chair for Poacher 2022.

    We would love to welcome you on board our staff team, make a difference, learn something new and definitely have some fun! You can register your interest in volunteering for Poacher 2022 now and we will be in touch if something suited to your skills comes up, you can also apply directly for the roles that our advertised on our website.

    We hope you will join us for Poacher 2022 and have a week you will never forget.

    Lizzie Taylor

    Lizzie Taylor

    Senior Management Team: Chair of Poacher 2021