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    Subcamp Shakeup


    We have some exciting changes planned for Poacher 2022's subcamps!

    The question on everyone's lips at the moment is 'what are the names of the Subcamps for Poacher 2022?' 

    ...We are super excited to spread the word but we need to keep you waiting just a little bit longer!

    Whilst you sit tight and wait for the announcement, we would like to share some exciting changes to our subcamps with you. At Poacher 2022 there will be five participant subcamps, a designated 14-17 subcamp and a staff subcamp.

    We are making some exciting changes to our layout too, this will mean that it will not be possible for you to choose your exact location to pitch up in.

    When bookings open, you will have the choice of whether to select your subcamp by 'subcamp leader' or you could just enjoy the excitement of staying on a surprise subcamp!

    Behind the scenes, our team of volunteers are getting stuck into planning the adventure of a lifetime. There will be lots of exciting announcements in the coming months.

    Keep your eyes peeled for our big subcamps reveal coming soon and remember to subscribe to blog updates if you haven't already!

    Poacher 2022 is already proving very popular so don't forget to register your interest in advance if you plan on attending to avoid disappointment.


    Caroline Norden

    Caroline Norden

    Senior Leadership Team: Head of Participation