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    High Flying Blades

    For the final lunchtime display we were honoured with a spectacular show from The Blades.

    The Blades were founded in 2006 by two retired RAF piolets and they were nice enough to come and show us their best moves. The team fly four Extra 300LPs – single-propeller stunt planes from Germany – with immense skill honed during the pilots’ time as Red Arrows pilots.

    Helen Zealand - 20220805 - 13538-16

    The sun was shining above the field as the young people filling the banks looked up at the skies. The Blades performed amazing stunts, going up as high as 1,000ft in the air, while simultaneously being upside down and doing loop the loops. They flew vertically upwards before falling back into their trail of smoke.

    Helen Zealand - 20220805 - 13694-23

    One of the most impressive manoeuvres was when they bolted towards the sky and just hovered there for a few moments. Then they did the most difficult trick where they went in a straight line while the others spiralled and turned.

    To finish off they of course did the classic and original heart in the sky before preforming the champagne split.

    ZMP Blades (3)

    What a fantastic lunchtime event to end the week!


    Amy Emmott

    Amy Emmott

    This is my first Poacher. I grew up on the Isle of Lewis but now live up in Dundee where I help at my local Guide Unit. I was a member of both Girlguiding and Scouting growing up, as my dad is a Scout leader and my mum a Guide leader. I can speak fluent Gaelic and did Highland Dancing from age 5 until I broke my legs at age 13 and my favourite colour is red.